About HMT Ordnance

In 1992 Mark Harshman started Harshman Machine and Tool Company, making prototypes for the military and food industry.  Seeing the demand to build and supply custom precision rifles and parts on the rise, HMT Ordnance, a division of Harshman Machine, was born.  Today Mark and son Matthew Harshman have built HMT Ordnance to become a diversified manufacturer of custom-made ordnance items.


“HMT Ordnance is all about expertise, quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.”Matthew Harshman


When it comes to custom-built rifles, custom actions & bolts, gunsmithing and custom made NFA items - chose HMT Ordnance.  Built with pride in the Heartland of America.

HMT Ordnance: Your first and best choice.